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About SYZE UK Ltd.

SYZE UK Limited.


Syze UK Ltd, is a UK based retail shop, online store and a manufacturing company that aims for supplying the best dental instruments and surgical instruments. We utilize High Surgical grade stainless steel for the manufacturing process ensuring durable products that could be used times after proper sterilization.


Why our Surgical and Dental Instruments?

Design and Quality are two main motives we move forward with. Despite of so many other retailers out there, people still put their trust on us and prefer us. The only reason behind this is that we put most of our effort in making the product’s design firm and solid while ensuring the comfort during surgical and dental operations. The superior design ultimately results in better performance and a higher success rate.

We have been focusing towards the field of dentistry for a long time. The products you see on this store are designed by surgeons for the surgeons. So, this is the main reason why so many dentists recommend our products in the first place.

Instruments by SYZE UK Limited.

Our dental instruments store mainly offers the products that are surgical, dental, Orthodontics and Cosmetic Implants instruments. We have several experienced and well-renowned surgeons that are working for us with our team to craft such products. They also test each item to make sure it matches the quality standards and if it will work flawlessly in the real surgeries.

In addition to retail, we also offer bulk orders and MOQ services for other retailers/shop owners and dentists. We also do wholesale regarding our tools, that is why so many other small businesses are benefitting from such services already. If you want to know anything more about us, want to apply for wholesale/affiliate or got something on our mind you’re eager to share with us, simply contact us via the contact form or the official email address and we’ll get back in a short time.

Ami Mir
Chief Executive